Friday, March 28, 2014


Here is handmade and crocheted drawstring backpack and drawstring bag. It is made out of a jean skirt that was reconstructed and up-cycled into this catchy bag. It has a light blue, pink and red crocheted pocket on the front with a button and with matching braided straps.

Its dimensions are 15x16 inches.
Here is a blue and deep purple crocheted mesh poncho or shawl. This beautiful mesh poncho would look lovely for a special occasion or even for just a day to day outfit. It is a one size fits most.

Well what can I say I had a felting needle,wool thread and idle hands so I made these knowing that some people love to use them in crafts.These tiny beads have been needle felted from soft wool. Use them on all your projects as~
Cat toy
or maybe
Glue them on a hair barrette
As game pieces or marbles
Sew them onto a bag or knitted sweater
Attach them onto cards and packages
Sit them in a pretty glass bowl :)
Or anything else you would like. Use your head and you could find a hundred ways to use these. These felted balls do not have holes on them for stringing them, so if you want to use them as beads you will have to use a needle to string them.

They can be sewn, glued, name it!
They measure about 1 inch tall but they are not all the same size. If you buy this you will be getting a lot of six felted balls in the mail.