Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Handcrafted Original Teddy Bear Made From Antique Quilt

I created this big bear (about 21 inches tall) out of an antique quilt that is over 100 years old. The quilt itself wasn't in good shape but I was able to make a few bears anyway. Eyes are antique buttons from my grandmother's button box and her shawl is made from a hand embroidered cutwork cotton table runner made 60 years ago by my great aunt. I used plastic safety joints on the head and limbs, nose and mouth are hand embroidered with black perle cotton. As cute as this bear is, she isn't suitable for small children due to the delicate nature of the old quilt. In order to prevent more deterioration, please keep this bear in a climate controlled space such as your home. This actual bear sold at the Highland Art Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas but I've created another one very similar. Convo me if you want pictures or see the bear in person at Highland Art Gallery. A wonderful addition to any bear or antique collection, a great decorator piece for a country or shabby chic theme home, or a great gift for yourself or anybody! Bear will ship in her own box, well packed, marked fragile, and tracked. Thanks for looking!

Six Pretty Vintage Button from Mink Jacket Great for Upcycle

These buttons came off of an old double breasted mink jacket that I purchased to make a teddy bear. The jacket came from long-defunct department store Joske's in Houston, Texas and is probably from the 1960s. I think these buttons are so pretty but I can't think of a project I could use them on so to offset the cost of the jacket, I'm offering them up for sale to a collector or master crafter that may need just the thing. I will describe them as best I can, it was really difficult to get a good photo - the actual color of the buttons is a bit lighter than the photos, and there is an iridescent quality to the button, that may be made from plastic. I'm not a vintage clothing expert by any means (except the ones I wear), so somebody else may know more about these. The inside of the buttons are twisted satin cord and a textured cord - not sure what it is - that form a rose. All the buttons are shank buttons, in excellent condition and - I can't see any scratches and are about an inch in diameter. Send me a convo with any questions and I hope I can answer them. I'm sure some genius artisan, vintage clothing restorer, or button collector can find a good home for these beautiful buttons. Thanks for looking!

Handcrafted OOAK Jointed Teddy Bear from Antique Quilt

I created this super cute 15 inch teddy bear out of an antique quilt that was over 100 years old and not in real good shape. I've left the stains, tears, and ravels to give this bear some real character. Her eyes are antique buttons from my grandmother's button box, she is fully jointed with button jointed limbs, plastic safety joint in the head. I used wooden buttons on the joints - they are not antique. Nose and mouth are hand embroidered with perle cotton thread. I added a little shawl that was a hand crocheted doily by my great Aunt Helen about 60 years ago. The red polka dot ribbon is new and is removable. I wanted to combine old things and new things to create a new character. Definitely one of a kind and a great addition to any teddy bear collection, a wonderful gift for yourself or anybody on your list, a nice decorator piece for any country or shabby chic home. Due to the delicate nature of the old quilt, this bear is not suitable for small children and should be kept in a climate controlled environment to prevent further deterioration. Bear ships in her own box, well packed and tracked. Her face will steal your heart! Thanks for looking!