Thursday, February 5, 2015


Teru Teru bozu charm

The teru teru bozu is a japanese cloth or paper puppet that are traditionally hung outside the house in hopes of good weather.

This particular charm is made of sculpy polymer clay with a little string around its neck.

9 planets charm bracelet

Now you can wear the galaxy on your wrist with these highly detailed, hand painted and sculpted, charms of the planets! Put in the proper order on the chain and everything!

YES, I included Pluto. Take it off if you wish but it was a planet when I was a kid so it's good enough for me. <3

I studied the planets for days to get the paint jobs right and accurate. Not perfectly accurate as far as size goes but then some would be huge and others look microscopic. As it is Jupiter and Saturn can be slightly awkward on the wrist because of their size so be warned. But they are great for your geek at heart!

Only comes in a 7 inch chain. Anything smaller wouldn't fit them all.

Each made of polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and varnished.

Pencil Charm

A tiny sculpey pencil to show off your love of writing, drawing, or just an affection for pencils!

Each are hand sculpted and hand painted so yours may vary slightly. It makes a great necklace, cell phone charm, bracelet, earring, or key chain!

Covered in a clear varnish for glossy finish and protection against the elements!

If you send me a message, I can even customize the pencil design for a dollar more!