Thursday, August 27, 2015


Comet Mosaic Table

A brilliant comet soars through the night sky while the stars glow around it.

The mosaic is stained glass on top of a cement backer board and wood inlay. The table has been re-painted and has a protective satin finish.

It is hard to tell in these photos, but the stars are back-lit with LEDs which are powered by AA batteries (included) mounted underneath the table. A switch under the tail of the comet turns the stars on or off.

Length: 26"
Width: 20"
Height: 20.5"

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Reaching across the rainbow.
14" x 23.5"

A robust hanging wire is mounted on the back, but this piece is quite heavy so you will need to secure it by screwing directly into a stud or using special hanging brackets that can be found at any hardware store. Hang indoors away from humidity, direct sun is okay.

Shark -- Glass Wall Art

This is my second shark mosaic. For this one I used stained glass almost exclusively, except for the eye which is a small black tile cut into a circle. The glass is mounted on upcycled wood with a grey cement grout. This is a Great White shark, one of the largest sharks in the sea.

Something about sharks interests me so they are a common subject in my artwork. I think that they can be really funny because of their mouths and jagged teeth, but this one is just swimming along under the waves as the light filters down from above.

The picture is all stained glass, but there is also a thin border around the piece of 3/8" glass tiles.

Hanging wall art, Approx. 12" x 8"
Made for indoors only; keep away from humidity. Direct sunlight is okay. There is a metal hook on the back so it will be easy to hang.