Friday, April 11, 2014


Pet Portrait - Single 4x6 Watercolor

Now you can own a custom 4x6 watercolor portrait of your own kitty or puppy (or other pet!). Makes a great gift for any animal lover! The example picture is done of my cat - so I did not use a particular photo for reference. I did include a picture of him though, just to show a pic of him with his watercolor, to make it a better example.

Each item is made to order. After purchasing, email me a clear picture that you would like to be made into a watercolor portrait.

Help an animal in need by purchasing one or more of these phone charms! This listing is for a phone plug charm of your choice. All profits from this listing will be donated to an animal charity of my choice. Because of their charitable nature, this listing is not included in my buy 2 get 1 free jewelry sale. Thank you for understanding.

A dog is a man's best friend. Here is one that can come with you on every car ride, or even grace your Christmas tree. Makes a great gift for any pet lover. Now I also make these as cats!

This is just for a head ornament, full bodies can be ordered from a different listing in my shop.

If you would like a different type of pet then send me a message, I should be able to do it. Just check out with this post. Send me pictures of your pet after checking out. More than one picture would be helpful.