Monday, June 16, 2014


Leather Cthulhu mask. Solid Black by Parkers and Quinn.

Up for grabs today from Parkers and Quinn, A OOAK handmade and handformed venetian style LEATHER mask!

This is the EXACT mask you will receive, it is PRE-MADE ( as in the pictures above are of the item up for purchase) and ship within 24-48 hrs!!

IMPORTANT! FIRST 2 PHOTOS SHOW MASK COLOR (3rd photo shows shape/detail, but mask is just black!)

*****want this in a different color?check out our custom listing here: and let us make one just for you!***

Leather Orc Mask. full face mask with Hair. Handmade by Parkers and Quinn.

Up for grabs today from Parkers and Quinn, A OOAK handmade and hand formed venetian style leather mask!

2nd Orc mask.This is a one of a kind. there will not ever be a mask JUST LIKE THIS one again....

(There are approximately 50 hours of labor on this single mask)

This "Guy" is a full faced, oversized ORC mask. this mask sits a bit up off your face and comes down past your own chin, over you ears, for comfort and aesthetics!
He has a full ( very very full) set of hair, which completely hides the strapping and buckle.

this mask is molded by hand, very comfortable to wear, even for long periods!

**If you would like more photos of this mask, just inquire, we have many!**

Super Hero Leather mask. Red. leather ties.

Hand made leather half mask. Red(as shown in photos) ties on with genuine leather ties.This mask is pre-made and ready to ship. one size fits most preteen-adult. a bit longer in the cheek/nose forehead. more flexible for fitting larger face builds.
Leather is a flexible material, and will conform to your face as you wear it.

Sealed inside and out, however it is not waterproof. please protect from high moisture(do not swim or shower with the mask on!)

a great generic super hero mask, or good for dress up or a masquerade ball! Ample eye hole room.