Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Little Devil Halloween costume for dog or cat

It will be a bit easier to tell who has been naughty or nice this year, when they see your four legged one and only appear in their Little Devil hat. Not to be fooled though, even the sweetest of pets can be made to look naughty when they model this getup. Made of plush red felt and red sequin horns, topped with pure boa and a checkered bow tie, now the Little Devil (and the BIG ones too!)in every house can be naughty with style! This hat is available in Extra Small for pets with a 6-10" collar size, Small/Medium for cats and small to mid sized dogs with a 10-16" collar size, and Large for big dogs like German Shepherds with a 16-24" collar size. Just send us a convo and let us know what type and size pet this is for when you order.

A portion of the proceeds from this hat go to help animals who are not as fortunate as our own. Visit for a list of animal rescue groups and shelters your purchase benefits.

Little Monster Pet Halloween Costume

Your pet will be ready to spook the neighborhood in style when they don this getup! Luxurious green fur lined with electric purple satin, topped with bulgy eyes and fuchsia & purple horns will have neighbors running for cover when the see your 4 legged one and only.

The Sheepish One costume for cats and dogs

The Sheepish One hat celebrates those times when we take one look at our pet and know that somethings up...we just haven't figured out what yet! This hat is designed for pets who don't mind showing their sheepishness full throttle. Made of dense white cotton and topped with hot pink ears, this hat makes looking sheepish cool. Even cooler if our pet looks sheepish and has done no wrong. Whats the harm in looking sheepish anyway? Besides, it makes for a Great photo opp! This hat is available in Extra Small to accommodate pets with a 6-10" collar, small-medium for pets with a 10-16" collar, and large-extra large for pets with a 16-24" collar. To get the perfect size for your pet, either, send me a convo and let me know which size you would like...or I will check in with you after you order.