Monday, November 3, 2014


Wand and Athame Set "Triquetra Clover" Cedar Woodburned Handmade

A wand and athame covered in a profusion of three leaf clovers with a simple woodburned triquetra on each side.
The athame is medium brown with dark brown woodburn. One side of the blade features a natural dark brown squiggle shape. The other side of the blade includes a tiny knot in ripples of woodgrain. Handle triquetra on this side has a larger brown knot in it.

The wand has a smooth side and the other side is very textured (woodgrain is raised.)
The color is medium brown with pronounced ripples of woodgrain. One side of the blade features a 'bump' along the edge, which is a dark brown knot left intact.

Original woodburned art & shaping by Gabrielle Watkins c. 2014

Athame Witch All Wood "Rose of the Wild Witch" OOAK Rustic Woodland

This is a fantasy wood athame made from a piece of purchased cedar wood, and handmade by ~M. of The Spellling Bee.
The grip features a great nubbly (grooved) texture achieved from both the pyrography technique used and the natural grain of this piece of purchased cedar on the darkest base parts. The colors of the carved raised areas range from flashes of a pale golden honey blonde to deep coffee chocolate from pyrography and sanding a number of times. A single wild rose is carved onto one side as well as a single pentacle adorns the lower part of the grip on one side. The other side features a lone star in a dark sky and a prim triple moon emblem adorns the base.

Roses on Oak Wood Brown and Ivory with Gemstone Chips

Two satiny copper colored roses joined by a large medium brown rose and a pearl white rose, all with brown leaves adorn a miniature oak wood log. A wonderful surprise in an enchanted forest.
Amethyst and tiger's eye chips are tucked here and there, along with some gold tone and amber
tone glass seed beads for subtle shine.
The 'oak log' has its rough natural bark on the bottom, and the sculpture comes with a hand sewn
fabric pouch.
The roses and leaves of this sculpture are unglazed.
Created by Gabrielle Watkins c. 2012