Saturday, December 13, 2014


The ColoRADo Classic Crocheted Headphone

Introducing our new ColoRADo line! Be the envy of classmates, coworkers, snowboarders, skiers, and friends alike as you enjoy high quality tunes while showing off your Colorado pride. As always our products are handmade and vegan. Headphones are adjustable on ear headphones. Check back for more CO goods to come!

Black Cat Crocheted Headphones

Black cat headphones are a great way to add a little handmade style to your headphone look! Show your style and listen to your favorite music!


Message for any color options you might have in mind.

The Black Cat Hot Pink Inner Ear crocheted headphones on our Vegan Fella can be found here:

Gray Bear w/Pink Bow Crocheted Headphones

Listen to your favorite tunes while wearing these cute gray bear with pink bow headhpones!

Headphones are fully adjustable, adult in size, and are compatible with any standard music player!

This item is HANDMADE & VEGAN! Wear in the spirit of the REVOLUTION!

Custom colored bear/ bow combinations can be made upon request!

**This listing is for one pair of Gray Bear w/Pink Bow crocheted headphones. Please, visit our headphones section to view other styles: