Friday, September 18, 2015


Hand-Dyed Large Beige Tall Tabi Socks

Wear your thong sandals even in cool weather with these carefully Hand-Dyed Tall TABI Socks.

Starting with Tall White Tabi Socks, I dye them with Tintex. After dyeing I put them through 2 wash cycles to make sure they are colour fast. They are hung to dry and then ironed.

The colour is a light beige, very natural looking.

80%cotton/20%nylon Hand-Dyed

Large size fits from woman's shoe size 8 to 11, men's shoe size 6.5 to 9. They reach about mid-calf height.

Hand Dyed Red Tall Tabi Socks in Large Size

Walk like a colourful Ninja in these Vibrant Red Sports-Weight Tabi Socks!
Tabi Socks are so Sensible and also so much Fun! You can wear them with your Flip Flops or thong sandals all year long.

Large size fits from about woman's shoe size 8 to 12 or man's 7 to 11. The Tall Tabi Socks reach mid calf length and feature comfortable ribbing to assure a no-slip fit.

Large White Tall Tabi Socks which I sell on the website are rinsed, then dyed Red using Tintex or ProCion MX Dye. After going through 2 cold water washing cycles, they are colour-fast.

80% cotton/20% nylon Hand-Dyed

Hand-Dyed Jikatabi Boots and Matching Tall Tabi Socks

Enhance your Anime/Manga/Cosplay costume with hand-dyed Jikatabi/Tabi Boots.
Unique Hand-Dyed Tabi Boots in a great variety of colours, sized from 23 cm to 30 cm.

I was selling White and Black Jikatabi on my website for a few years and people keep asking for other colours. I'm not very crafty but when someone suggested I try dyeing them, I thought, "I can do that." If you want to try it yourself here is a link to the instructions:

The White Jikatabi Boots are dyed using consumer dyes. The stitching and sole stay white during the dyeing process giving them a unique look.
Etsy is just for Hand-Dyed items so if you are interested in regular non-hand dyed Jikatabi please visit my main website.

These Jikatabi are fastened with traditional Japanese metal tabs called Kohase. There are three rows of stitching that allow for custom fitting to your leg.

If your legs are large and you think the boots might not be big enough to go around you can order the extensions which add about 5 cm. to the width.
Order these at the same time and I will dye them when I dye the boots so they will match exactly.

Sizing is VERY IMPORTANT so please follow these instructions for measuring to make sure you are not disappointed with the wrong size.
The Jikatabi are measured in centimetres. There are many conversion charts around, but they are all different. So please measure carefully and don't guess. Then you won't have to exchange.

Stand up and have a friend trace your foot on a piece of paper. Then measure from the back middle of the heel to the tip of the largest toe. That is the length of your foot. For instance, if your feet are 10" long, that converts to about 25.5 cm. You need to ask for size 26 cm. boots. If your feet are a little over 26 cm. you need to take the 27 cm.

A free pair of Tall Tabi Socks in the same colour is included with your Tabi Boots. If possible we send one in the same dye lot, otherwise we send a similar colour or plain white or black.