Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Pokeball Dice and Game Satchel

Perfect for a night of gaming. This satchel is the right size for a collection of gaming dice for your favourite role playing game or for any necessary counters for trading card games. Also great for holding a collection of games for your Nintendo DS system.

More styles coming to 6 Impossible Things.

Dr. Who Tardis Cup Cosy

Sometimes, just like the tenth Doctor, all you need is a hot cup of tea. Use this cup cosy on your favourite brand of to-go tea or coffee to keep your hands safe on the hot cup.

Pokeball Pendant (Crochet)

Sometimes you want to be subtle, but still show off your fandom. This pendant or charm sized Pokeball is perfect for such an occasion. Made from cotton crochet thread with a small button on the front and light string cord for a necklace.