Monday, January 19, 2015


Celtic Star Pendant

A glittering six-pointed star in cool colors of blue, turquoise, and purple. Each link is opened and closed by hand and woven together to make this lovely pendant.

Rings are made of bright aluminum and anodized aluminum and the pendant bail is a base metal. Pendant is approximately 4cm in diameter (roughly an inch and a half) and will come strung on a length of black velvet ribbon suitable for tying at any length around one's neck. Pendant can easily be strung on any other chain or ribbon you may come across with (total opening width is 1/2 cm).

Simple Mobius Pendant

A quietly simple and elegant design crafted from bright aluminum in a mobius design. Perfect for men or women and a sturdily-crafted symbol of infinity.

Pendant dimensions approximately 1" x 3/4". Pendant ships as is so that you can choose a chain or other method of suspension that suits your needs/tastes.

Persian Dragonscale Bracelet

Offered up is a carefully crafted bracelet featuring a Persian Dragonscale pattern. This bracelet is made from bright aluminum and is approximately 6 inches in length before ending in a base metal clasp. Being made from aluminum, this piece is surprisingly light in weight for such a dense weave!