Friday, January 23, 2015


Glittery Time Vortex Comics Eyeglasses Case

Just when you thought the original Doctor Who comics case couldn't be improved upon... I found some glitter at the local craft store.

This product is a little different, in that I'm going to try to stick to the Doctor cut-outs pictured for each repetition. I only have 9, 10, 11 pictured right now, but will be making more examples ASAP!

I had thought to make logos the other selection initially, but decided it's more fun to let y'all choose the color of the vortex. (Yay! Glitter mixing!) And Etsy won't let me make more than two customizing option drop-down boxes. :( So, if you want a specific logo, rather than let me pick one on my own as the theme demands, say so in a convo note at time of purchase.

Logos available are: Classic (words only), Classic logo (diamond-shaped) - blue, Classic logo (diamond-shaped) - orange, New Who (oblong orange), and the Current Logo (Blue words, police-box-shaped "DW")


"Time Vortex" Glitter mixed in the following combinations:

- "Monochrome": Black/Silver/White
- "Early Classic": Black/Blue/Purple
- "Late Classic": Black/Lt. Blue/Lt. Pink/Lt. Green
- "Eight's Lost Years": Dark Blue/Dark Green/Copper
- "Gallifrey is Burning": Blue/Copper/Rust/Red/Gold/Silver
- "New Who": Purple/Blue/Copper
- "After Trenzalore": Black/Red/Purple/Gold/Blue


Sealed with acrylic to make weather resistant. Do not leave in contact with water for extreme lengths of time, however. If paper sticks to the sealant through physical contact, wash gently with a damp cloth. Avoid leaving in direct heat/sunlight for long periods of time to avoid damage to sealant and/or fading of graphics.

Shape Availability Disclaimer: I make these eyeglasses cases as I find the bases to work with. This means I cannot control whether the sides are perfectly oval or rounded angles. If you have specific concerns about the shape of the case, please convo me privately at time of order and we'll work something out. Otherwise, by purchasing, you are acknowledging and accepting that the shape is dependent on whatever I have available to work with at the time, but that the design WILL be whatever option you specify at time of purchase.

I'm HAPPY to ship internationally, but please convo with a postal code PRIOR to purchase so we can make sure your shipping costs are accurate!

If you want your item made/shipped faster, ask about optional rush order add-on!

Rocket and Groot hinge clutch oversized wallet

Did you recently leave a movie theater with a newfound appreciation for rabid raccoons and talking trees? Good news! This wallet has what you need!

Sealed with water-based adhesive and acryclic. Weather and stain resistant, can be cleaned with most cleaning products or plain old soap and water.

Avengers Comic Book Handbag - Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk - decoupage - OOAK

Stumbled across this purse and turned to the husband, whose tolerance of my flights of design whimsy is wholly dependent on the amount of beer on offer, and the following conversation is responsible for what you see:

me: "Avengers purse?"
him: "...Is it sad that I don't even need you to explain further to know how that's gonna turn out?"

My daughter threatened to keep it if I didn't at least let her model for the listing. We all think it Assembled really damned well!

Sealed with copious amounts of glossy non-toxic sealant and made water resistant with polyacrylic sealant coats.