Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Quilted Warm Up Vest, Dance Wear, Cape Shrug

This quilted vest feels like wrapping a warm blanket around your shoulders.
The colour / fabric of vest will be the same as is shown in last 2 photos. Or I can provide other options for you, if you have a certain colour request, let me know in a convo.

Versatile - can be worn right side up or upside down for different looks.

Quilted with a layer of warm and wooly inside (cotton poly fibre)
Has double breasted snaps, so it fits snug or looser.

Black Cloud Leg Warmer

Ultra luxurious black velvet with star pleated tucks, for maximum slouch and volumizing effect.
A celebration inducing addition to your silhouette ; )
The beauty of this leg warmer design, is the lycra inner leg sleeve, which is the mechanism for keeping these up, in a super comfortable way. No need to adjust for walking, dancing or any other type of movement you may feel the urge to do while wearing these... The lycra can be pulled up above the knee, or hidden invisibly inside the leg warmer. ( last pic)

Makes for lots of versatility, and easy to wear with different shoe styles as u can decide how slouched or high you want them to look.
Also features a hidden elastic edge at ankle, good for eliminating any floor drag.
They are lined with a black cotton knit, and have a layer of quilting inside as well, for wonderful warmth and luxury.
These are the result of many years of re-working and perfecting the design for fit, function and style.
My take on something worn on the legs of models at a long gone Alexander McQueen fall show.
Super comfy, and easy to wash

This is my ultra wide style, for actual dimensions or a less wide version, please inquire.
One size fits almost anyone. Specific sizing needs will always be accommodated.

Wash in cold water, by hand or in machine, can be dryed in dryer or hung to dry.

Custom Colour Thick Leg Warmer Apres Ski or Dance Wear

Warm, funky & super original heavy duty leg warmers.
These have an amazing grounding effect on the wearer!
Winter necessity. Awesome for the campground, nighttime festival, outdoor dance party.
Choose your colour : black, navy, olive, light brown or rich chocolate brown.
Choose additional knitting colours to add in to top knit section.
So durable, these will last for years of wear. Very comfy design.

Made to order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for creation.

Let me know how you want the width at the bottom to be: supa wide (24") or slimmer (20")
-- in photos olive colour is slimmer fit, and black is wide.

Tried and tested for many many years. Attention placed on design and comfort. High quality, these will last for years.

Cradles your ankles and legs in toasty warmth, and looks awesome too~
Designed for the Canadian climate, which in my city can be as cold as Antarctia in November ( for real. )
~~~~ Please note that the knit section will always differ slightly from photos, as they are each original, hand made pieces~~~

These wooly warmers are made with super durable upholstery which is star pleated in a random pattern, to give a more intricate, plush, and unique look and then attached to a hand knit thick wool top which is made with 4 yarn strands at once, for durability, comfort and texture. Stretchy velvet rope is threaded through the very top, so wearer can adjust tightness over whatever they are wearing. Works well with tights, fitted jeans, long johns....
Great for your ski trip, winter walk, day hike, or just snuggling up at night.

The knit section is done by hand, and incorporates a few different types of yarns, including acrylic, wool, bamboo, cotton, etc. Please keep in mind that the wool I use is from a local source, which has high standards of ethical treatment for their animals. I also use reclaimed wool which I procure from thrift shops / estate sales and the like

* PLEASE NOTE-- if you would like your pair to be made without ANY animal fibres at all, please specify at time of checkout. They can be done with acrylic, bamboo, & cotton yarns instead, and will be just as lovely.

If you have specific sizing needs, I will accommodate. Just take the width measurements a couple inches below the knee, and the measurement of how wide you want it at the bottom, as well as the desired length between those two points.

Can be made funkier through colours of wool used as well ( orange, purple,blue additions)

Easy care;
Wash by hand or on gentle cycle in the machine, then hang or lay flat to air dry.
Fluff in a warm dryer once dry, to soften if need be.