Thursday, July 10, 2014


Kawaii Clefairy Pokédoll Charm Bracelet - OOAK - Jewelry - Pokemon

This really adorable Clefairy Pokédoll Pokemon charm bracelet is one of a kind and is made with a re-purposed Pokemon figure. Also along this bracelet are pastel color beads; blue, pink, yellow orange, and white. All the beads/buttons are plastic so it's lightweight. :) This bracelet is about 7 - 1/2" long. The Pokédoll figure is about 1" tall and 1" wide.
Very Cute and Fun for any occasion! ^ . ~

For combined shipping or for more information, please ask. :)

OOAK Awesome Silver Gastly Pokemon Necklace

This Gastly Pokemon necklace is made with an upcycled necklace and a re-purposed Pokemon figure. This awesome Pokemon figure is, yep you see it, silver! It's an official Pokemon figure and was not painted. I think this is what you call a new kind of shiny! ^_~
The necklace has 28 dark purple mother pearl beads, 4 purple beads each with 2 black seed beads, (2 round faceted and 2 teardrop faceted).

Totally awesome for any occasion. ♥ * ❤ * ♥

This necklace is one of a kind.

OOAK Manga Chobits Chii Jewelry Choker

This really cute Chobits choker necklace feature Chii on a glass cameo frame with a light green tint and covered with a glass dome. Around the frame are blue and light pink rhinestones, which I thought fits Chii nicely. ^ . ~ ♥ This rhinestone choker is up-cycled with a Chii cameo and 5 cute little charms; 2 butterflies, 3 flowers. I soldered a jump ring to the end of the choker, so that I could add a 2-1/2" chain to make the choker adjustable, so you could adjust it to your comfort. :)
This Chobits Chii choker is about 11" to 13-1/2" long. The cameo is about 1-1/4" long across.

The image is from an actual Chobits manga book.