Saturday, July 12, 2014


Long Sleeve Kimono Dress Japanese Anime Ready to Ship 2t

This fully lined dress is the mix of cute mod kid fashion and art. Japanese anime characters are people of the rising sun in this artistic dress. Paired with the wave fabric, in red and black, this garment tells a story. Decorative stitching laces the edging of the black Obi (sash) making this piece extra special coordinating the wave in the fabric with the waved detail decorative stitching on the Obi. This dress is couture and completely cover stitched.

This art in this garment is the Japanese anime characters in the top section of the dress. This anime is classic Manga with characters Momotaro and Kintaro.

Sizes between 2t and C7

Girls Color Burst Twirl Skirt 2t through 7

This skirt was first made for my daughter. I absolutely love the style and the color options I have with this skirt. I can pair this skirt with pink, turquoise, green or lavender and I like the options so I'm not tied to one coordinating shirt, leggings or shoes.

This skirt can be made with a bottom layer in pink or turquoise. The ribbon can be either pink or turquoise.


2t through Girls 7

Hello Kitty Long Sleeve Kimono Dress 4t Ready to Ship SALE

Welcome. I have marked this dress down to clear out all my ready made garments. Thanks for looking.

This special character dress was made for the Hello Kitty lover. In these fabric choices, I wanted to bring out the dots by pairing the character bodice with the polka dot skirt and sleeves. For balance, I trimmed the dress in solid pink. The character fabric contains a pink background that matches the trim.

The bodice of this garment is lined but the sleeves and skirt portion of the dress are not lined. All seams are cover stitch. This dress is a couture creation.

The Obi (sash) in the first picture looks a little small but this is caused by the first mannequin's large waist. The true fit of the Obi, on a child, is represented in photos three through five. Also, the black ribbon on the Obi is cut to a moderate length for safety. Since the dress in the photo is suitable for a 3 or 4 year old child, shorter hanging ribbons are both more practical and safe.

Size Ready To Ship: 4t