Monday, July 14, 2014


Golden Snitch Ring

Harry Potter has caught the snitch, and the Griffindors win the game!

This cute little ring is modeled after the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, one of the most iconic creations from the books. This ring comes in gold or silver wings and ranges from size 6-10 (please specify your size within your order!).

(And yes I know I'm wearing it upside down, haha)

BBC Sherlock Holmes Charm Bracelet

The reason why the hedgehog is at one end, and believe on the other? because John will always believe in Sherlock.

This beautiful bracelet is BBC Sherlock Holmes inspired, each charm represents one key factor in the series from the scarlet dress to the hound, and ranges through the series in chronological order, ending with John still believing in Sherlock all the way through.
There will be several different charm bracelet/anklet(s) made in the near future, one representing each member of cast, and of course, the all awaited slashes.

This current charm bracelet/anklet holds these sets of charms set upon a lock and key toggle:
Hedge hog for John, A Study in Pink, The milk carton (of looooove), The Lotus Blossom, The Cellphone (-moan-), The Magnifying Glass, Sexy Handcuffs, Mycroft's Umbrella, The Hound, A cup of tea, Moriarty's Crown, A True Story, and last, what's in ever fan's hearts and mind-Believe.
If you would like DIFFERENT charms, please let me know and I will make accommodations :3

*Customs available~

Giraffe Terrarium Necklace

This is a cute sitting giraffe in a tiny terrarium, made just for you! Take a piece of Africa with you in this gorgeous one of a kind necklace that's sure to stun those around you and fill them with envy.

The pendant is 1 and 1/2 inches tall.

Chain is included, and measures 30 inches.

The pictures don't do it justice; the giraffe is a cream yellow with brown spots, the top and base are bronze colored not gold. If you would like gold or silver please message me in advance.