Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Cosmic Radiance Necklace

Created with flexible beading wire, attaching with a toggle clasp, this necklace is absolutely gorgeous with its iridescent color. Inspired by a recent look at gems and minerals in a local Houston, Texas museum (HMNS).

This necklace measures about 11" inches when connected with its toggle clasp.

Create some out-of-this-world magic with this beautiful necklace by adding it to your collection today!

Cloud - Painted Deer Skull, Fantasy Taxidermy Art

Vibrant metalic blue and bright white acrylic paint accompany twenty-two shining rhinestones, covering this beautiful female deer skull.
Her name is "Cloud" and she would bring peace and joy to your home with her gentle and ever-present spirit... not to mention the conversations that would follow from visiting guests!

Cloud can sit comfortably on any shelf or cabinet top, but can be customized with a wooden plaque for hanging on the wall if you wish. On each wooden plaque that I use in this form of taxidermy, I include wall-hanging material already installed and hassle-free for my customer. For this particular piece, I can include any paint or deisgn on the plaque as requested via private message. Artifical flowers may be added if desired to appear as if the skull were resting in a bed of flowers.

Mystical Mandala Trinket Box

Ever wonder how you're going to keep all your tiny treasures safe? Well, why not in this lovely little box?
Whether you're stashing the smallest secrets in the universe or, perhaps, your baby teeth that the tooth faerie neglected, this box should suit you and compliment your room well with it's vibrant color.

Using beautiful metallic and pearl paints along with Sharpie fine-tip markers, I designed the "mandala" atop the box. After coating the box with a clear protective gloss, I brushed some shimmery green stars around all four sides.