Friday, October 31, 2014


Twisted Rainbow on Black Wire Necklace

This is a new design I came up with, twisting the wire around the multi colored Czech Preciosa glass beads in a multiple of colors, plus some ruby velvet quartz and some crystals to add all the colors of the rainbow, except purple. This is bright and festive especially fitted for the fall winter seasons the deep oranges yellows and reds are a wonderful homage to the Colors changing right outside my windows.

On the top wire I added five wire wrapped ruby quartz velvet flowers centered by some etched black glass polka dot beads, which set the entire piece off.

Earrings are available upon request

The necklace is finished off with lightweight chain and several extensions. It can go from 16" to 14" if desired. It may look large but is surprisingly light weight for it's size.

Bib Statement Purple layered Matte Necklace

This is an amazing bib necklace redesigned with matte enamel paint and some embellishments to create a whole new look. Its minimal and primitive in it's look. I love the simplicity of it, and the rustic look of it.kind of like the purple patina I was using to start it.

There are no earrings, but some can be made upon request

Any questions convo me.

Madhatter's Tea Party Whimsical Bracelet

This is a fun whimsical cuff bracelet. I love to use the off beat unexpected designs that make people happy.

Great gift for someone who needs a lift in their spirits.

One size fits most.

Do you want the red pill or the blue one. (from Alice in wonderland) go ahead and take the red one

Any questions convo me