Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to school handcrafted pencil cases

School for the fall semester has begun for many of us and with it a renewed desire to organize that forever messy, and disorganized backpack or bag. We have all probably experienced the time when all we wanted is one pencil but could only find the pencil after digging around the bottom of your bag, and messing everything else up. When this happens it is often time to invest in a new pencil case but all the pencil cases that you find in Staples and Wal-mart have either been made in China that or they all have the same pattern that all you classmates have or both of these problems. When this happens and you are on the hunt for a original pencil case that wasn't mass produced over seas it might be time to start looking at some handmade pencil cases. This is a list of a few handmade and hand sewn cases that were made by people who then try to sell them on These cases have had actual work and love put into their creation and are sure to add more character to your bag's arsenal.

This pencil case made by teniamariecreations is made with the latest popular southwestern Navajo fabric. Beautiful colors and patterns. Fully lined with a quality Black cotton coordinating fabric on the inside.
Here we have a strange yet cheer pencil case with flower patterned skulls on black fabric all over it. This is definitely a one of a kind made by ZoesBagBoutique.

This is an attractive pencil case made by ARTNDECO DESIGN STUDIO using eco conscious fabric. This case is perfect to store pens, pencils, make-up brushes and other supplies. The image on the pencil case was printed with high temperature by high quality printer.

 This is a small pencil case made by  josieandmay - perfect for keeping just a few pens safe in your bag,
Made out of thick, thrifted material, it measures just 16.5 cm x 4.5 cm. It can comfortably fit pens or pencils that are 14cm long, and you can even sneak your USB stick in there too.