Sunday, August 11, 2013

Learning to crochet, changing colors.

While working on a crocheting project you might find you would like to change the colors in the middle of the work, either to add a strip of color or a pattern. As an example lets say you are making something with the single crochet stitch and in the middle of the row you want to change your yarn from red to blue.
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  • Finish the single crochet stitch of red so that you only have one loop on your hook.
  • Let go of the red yarn that you were working on and pick up that new blue yarn that you want to change to.
  • Poke your hook through the next stitch like you would have normally, but instead of grabbing the old red yarn, grab the new blue yarn and pull it through the stitch as your new loop.
  • You can go a head an cut the old yarn off. Make sure to leave a tail. You will want to weave this tail into the rest of the red crocheting so that it can't be seen
  • Now that you have the new color on the loop go a head and start crocheting with the new color as if nothing had happened. Be careful to also leave a tail for the new blue color for you to weave in otherwise your work will start to undo itself.
This weaving in of the tails is also something that you will need to know when it comes to finishing a project. To weave in a tail you poke the hook through a stitch near where the tail comes out, and pull the tail of yarn through it then you just continue sewing the extra piece of yarn through the other stitches. It would be better for you if you did this in the yarn that is the same color as the tail so that it doesn't look like a random strip of color running through your work. When sewing/weaving the tail in it would be better if you sewed it through the top of the stitches of the row that it just can from because its more noticeable when you jump rows while sewing/weaving.

If you would like to see my article about this on click here. Sometimes I put a video on that helps with my instructions so if this doesn't make sense jump over to examiner to see the video and hopefully that will help you.