Monday, August 12, 2013

Decorating your plain bag

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Do you have a bag that just looks so empty on the front? Or perhaps you have a nice bag but you somehow got a bleach spot or stain on the front. Well don't throw that bag to Goodwill quite yet. If you have time try to fix it up with a new look. It might surprise you how much you can do with just a little ingenuity and a bag.
It is especially easy for crocheters to add to a bag. Try crocheting a granny square, a circle or really any other shape that you would like to throw out there. Try crocheting it in bright and sometimes contrasting colors that attract the eye.
Once you have a piece that you think would look nice on your bag either as a pocket, or as a patch take some pin-needles and pin it onto the bag to see how it will look, and if it will fit. If it looks about right go a head and start sewing the crocheting on with a thread and needle, stitch for stitch. If you were thinking of just adding it as decoration sew all the way around the crocheting and then tie it off. If you were thinking about making the crocheting into an extra pocket for your bag, only sew around the sides and the bottom of the crocheting. Leave the top open and then sew a button on to the bag to help keep the new pocket closed and neat looking.
If you weren't so much of a crocheter but more of a sewer then a patch of colorful fabric will do the same trick. Go a head and do the same thing you would have done for a piece of crocheting. One fun thing you can try if you do this with fabric is that if you want, you can try sewing a pattern around that edges of the new pocket or patch. It can be something simple like a zig-zag or if your doing it by hand an X-stitch. You can also try something fancy like flowers if you have the skills and know-how for that sort of thing.
There are many other ways to fancy up a old and plain bag then just this. All you need is a bit of imagination and if that’s lacking(as it sometimes is.) there is always the wide open internet for inspiration. You would be surprised at how many different ways there are to put more spark into the bland.
 If you would like to see my article about this on click here. Sometimes I put a video on that helps with my instructions so if this doesn't make sense jump over to examiner to see the video and hopefully that will help you.