Friday, August 9, 2013

Learning to crochet step two, chaining

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Once you have figured out how to make a slip knot without making a tangled mess the next step on the road towards crocheting is the chain. This stitch is the ground-floor for every crochet pattern that you could ever start. Without it there would be no such thing as crochet.
  • To start you will need one crochet hook, yarn, and a pair of hands. With the yarn and the pair of hands, make yourself a slip knot. Put the slip knot on the crochet hook and tighten it a bit. You don't want it too tight otherwise you won't be able to work with it. Remember you can always loosen it by pulling on the tail of the yarn.
  • Next hold the crochet hook with the slip knot in your dominant hand, and with your other hand wrap the yarn around your fingers for tension, and pinch the knot with your middle finger and thumb. There are actually a lot of different ways that the hook and yarn can be held, but try holding it like this for now unless you find a better way.
  • Wrap the hook around the yarn and pull the yarn through the slip knot on the hook. Pull on the yarn to tighten things a bit if its needed.
  • Now just repeat and you should soon have a chain. Remember to keep the slip knot and the growing chain pinched so that you can tighten it as you work.
That is how you do that chain. True its easier said or written then done, but once you get the feel for how the steps are suppose to flow you won't even think of them as steps anymore and things will start going faster.

 If you would like to see my article about this on click here. Sometimes I put a video on that helps with my instructions so if this doesn't make sense jump over to examiner to see the video and hopefully that will help you.