Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to school handcrafted pencils

School is just around the corner for some of us, and for some of the more unlucky(or lucky if you were looking forward to it.) ones have already started. This means for many households that you are currently in the middle of the back-to-school rush of finding all those school items that you had hidden in the corners during break. Bag, pencils, and notebooks to name a few are all in need, and for many these items are either in need of being changed for newer ones, or completely missing and in need of replacement.
Well for those of us in need of the forever dropped, and missing pencil here are some handcrafted, and decorated pencils that can show your originality, and spunk just by being in your back-pack. For some of these handmade pencils it almost seems a shame to sharpen them and actually use them, so if you buy them treasure them and try not to drop them.

Here we have 10 beautiful washi paper pencils. There are fireworks, reds, blues, stripes, golds, sakura blossoms, cranes, greens, fans, purples, pinks and blacks for your choosing. All of these were hand decorated by ColleenAndCohort on

These are some hand decorated gray patterned pencils by caitlynharris on They each have a interesting pattern and are sure to be a good addition to your school bag.

Here we have a set of six colorful paper wrapped pencils by Nicopapergoods on Each pencil is different. This 6-pack is only for $12.00 on etsy.

Here are six colorful and patterned pencils by artsyville on These pencils would be a new and colorful way to start your new school year for only $10 a pack.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Or do you just want a wand to match the magic that you work in your homework? Well either way here is a wand-pencil just for you by FriggleFraggle on

Here we have a six-pack of pencils with encouraging words for that test or rushed work that you have to do. These were made by CharmAndGumption on

Here we have Single Foil Stamped Pencils by HautePapier on These pencils were stamped in gold on black and would make a striking addition to your school day.

Here we have ourselves some rustic twig pencils. For that personal touch you can even have each pencil pyrographed with your choice of name or message. These are all handmade by lovelywoodcompany on