Saturday, August 10, 2013

Learning to crochet step three the slip stitch

Now that you have gotten the hang of pulling the yarn through the loop to make a chain you are probably looking for the next step. Well here it is. The next level up in crocheting would be the slip stitch. Don't get it confused with the slip knot that you started with. This stitch is used mostly for connecting projects, or finishing a row while making a granny square, or working in the round.
  • Before we get started with this stitch you are going to need to have a chain. Go a head and chain ten to get us started.
  • Now that you have your chain base take your hook and poke it through the second chain from the hook. Some people have different parts of the chain that they like to use, but for the sake of just doing the slip stitch it probably doesn't matter for you right now. Just make sure you're consistent.
  • Grab the yarn from the other side and pull it through the chain, and then the loop you already had on your hook.
  • Now go a head and repeat all the way down the chain and you will have made yourself your first row of slip stitches.
Admittedly it won't look like you've done much once you've finished but that is how you do the slip stitch. This stitch is a necessity for many patterns so make sure you know about it when you get started with a project. You can also use the slip stitch to sneak your way around a project if needed, but that's probably a bit advanced for beginners.

If you would like to see my article about this on click here. Sometimes I put a video on that helps with my instructions so if this doesn't make sense jump over to examiner to see the video and hopefully that will help you.