Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Broomstick Stitch

The broomstick stitch is a crochet stitch that originated in the 19th century, which was when crochet first became a well known practice among the people. Before that time there is little known about crocheting and where it came from.
This stitch is a little different from the average crochet stitch, which only needs yarn and the crochet hook. With this stitch you will also need to use either a large knitting needle, or as in the name's sake, a broomstick, to make the loops that make up the lacy part of this stitch.
Other names for this stitch are also jiffy lace or the peacock eye stitch. It was called the jiffy lace because of the speed that the stitch can be made and grown. As for why it is called a peacock's eye stitch when you look at the stitch you might see how the hole in the top of the stitch could resemble a peacock's eye.

This stitch can be seen in a lot of old afghans and even in lace doilies that your grandma collected in the attic. The broomstick stitch is a stitch that can been used with ease in almost any type of project, thanks to both its lacy but closed look, and how easily it can be started and finished. When starting to crochet, this stitch is definitely one of the stitches that you should learn, even if you don't use it. Just by knowing how to do this stitch will help you know how to diversify your crocheting, and just how artistic crocheting can be if you bend the rules. After all, who would think of using a knitting needle while crocheting?

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